Presented by Dana LaVoie, LAc, MAcOM, Dipl Ac, BA

The Menopause Blueprint Masterclass™

Want to ease menopause symptoms with natural remedies and get back to enjoying life this year? 

I’ll explain how (even when other menopause remedies haven’t worked)

Save HOURS of researching how to get menopause relief

Very common yet misleading questions many women are asking right now

  • Are hormone therapies the only option?
  • ​Can natural remedies work for severe menopause symptoms?
  • ​Should I just tough it out and wait until menopause is over??

What we need to know instead

  • How to get relief from menopause symptoms in a way that will also set the body up for slower, healthier aging
  • How to manage menopause without constantly worrying about missing something - or wondering if there’s a safer option

in this free class..  Discover The Natural 3-Step System Helping Women Ease Menopausal Hot Flashes, Insomnia, and Brain Fog So They Can Feel Like Themselves Again

Without hormone therapy, doctor's protocols, or toughing it out

For those who've tried menopause remedies before or are just starting, this class will explain the 3 SIMPLE STEPS to using natural formulas that can help set up for sailing through menopause with little or no symptoms

Watch this On-Demand Menopause Class on the next page and Discover:

  • The real reason we’ve all heard so many nightmare stories about menopause remedies that don’t work, and how to avoid such expensive lessons
  • One of the biggest mistakes women make when choosing a menopause remedy, and how avoiding this blunder can save time, money, and help get faster relief
  • Why these 3 steps work better than
❌ Restrictive fasting schedules...
🥱 Complex sleep habits...
🙅🏽‍♀️ Or one-size-fits-all menopause formulas


Hey, I’m Dana Lavoie, known for helping women through menopause with natural formulas for the last 20 years. 

In a world of conflicting information about menopause, not to mention all the worry about the risks of traditional menopause remedies, I’m deeply committed to teaching the info that can help avoid any menopause BS that wastes time and squanders money.

I’ve developed a simple process - and an entirely new way of thinking - that can help with menopause relief and get women back to living their lives. 

This Class Is For Women Who...

  • Find menopause more than confusing and have been known to say, "I have a cabinet full of remedies and none of them worked!"
  • Find every time one menopause symptom gets better another ones pops up or gets worse again, and it seems impossible to ever get relief from all of them at once
  • Wonder if eating right, exercising, and sleeping in a cold dark room, are enough to control menopause symptoms
  • ​Are tired of every menopause marketer and guru screaming conflicting information about what approach is right or wrong leaving them desperate to know what’s right for their body and their hormones
  • ​Think it would be really really great to find a menopause strategy that leaves time for the fun things in life
Don't miss these 3 simple steps anyone can follow to help get menopause relief now and set up for healthier aging (even if multiple other menopause remedies have failed.)

Hot Flash Relief

My hot flashes are 50% gone - half as often and half as hot - after just a few weeks on the natural remedies from Dana's program. 

Amy - Suffered hourly hot flashes, day and night,  for over a year

Mood Swings Tremendously Better with No Side Effects

Now with the natural remedies, the night sweats and insomnia are nothing like they were. It’s also helped my mood swings and irritability tremendously! 

Darcy - Had severe side effects from BHRT but not from natural remedies

Want to ease menopause symptoms with natural remedies and get back to enjoying life this year? 

save HOURS of researching how to get menopause relief...

I’ll explain how (even when other menopause remedies haven’t worked.)

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